Previous projects

Polint is known for its expertise on EU-Asia relations and has played a key role in diplomatic exchanges between the EU and Asia. It has also built and contributed to campaigns for NGOs.


Polint has worked on two separate occasions for Thailand: the first with respect to a sectorial issue (fisheries) and the second on the wider issue of re-starting FTA negotiations. In 2016 Polint helped the Thai Government to avoid a ‘red card’ under the EU unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) Regulation. In 2019 and 2020, Polint was providing monitoring and stakeholder mapping to the Thai Mission to the EU along with strategic outreach advice on how to further progress on an EU-Thailand Political Cooperation Agreement and Free Trade Agreement.


Polint designed and implemented the outreach strategy that triggered the start of negotiations for the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. After the Commission’s self-imposed ‘pause for reflection’ following a series of negotiation rounds, Polint succesfully managed to rekindle negotiations.


In cooperation with GPLUS, Polint worked with the government of Singapore to prepare the way for the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement in the European Parliament and between Member States. We were instrumental in helping to raise the profile of the FTA, to rebut criticism and to emphasise its benefits for European businesses and citizens and organising key encounters between Singaporean delegates and officials from the EP, Council and European Commission. In 2019, Polint designed and implemented the outreach strategy which led to the conclusion of the EU-Singapore FTA. Political monitoring and analysis services were provided along with direct lobbying services. Polint also advised Singapore on the referral to the European Court of Justice of the EU-Singapore FTA which led the Commission to adopt the current system of parallel trade deals (FTA and IPA).


Polint conducted a series of meetings with Vietnamese diplomats advising them to push the EU-Vietnam FTA through the EP ahead of its ratification.


Polint is a regular advisor to the Mission of China to the EU and has provided political monitoring and strategic analysis services.


Polint helped facilitate the Mongolian President’s visit to the EP in Strasbourg to make a solemn address to the Parliament in 2015.


Polint was involved in the campaign promoted by the Humane Society International defending the European Ban on the Sales of Seal Products, which was approved by the European Parliament.


Polint led a campaign for the introduction of Europe-wide Legislation on Fire Safety, focusing on making use of Fire Sprinklers systems compulsory in all newly built hotels and hostels, which will save hundreds of lives, thousands of injuries and hundreds of millions of euros.


Polint was involved with ANEC in a campaign to ensure that European consumer interests were protected in the creation and establishment of technical standards, especially those developed to support the implementation of European laws and public policies.