Who we are

A boutique consultancy built on reliability and open mindedness

Polint is a consulting company specialised in EU Public Affairs and International Relations founded more than a decade ago by former MEP Glyn Ford. We advise various clients on international trade, foreign affairs, and all aspects of digital and environmental policy that have an impact on these areas, mostly in connection with the activities of the European Parliament and the Commission.

The objective behind Polint is to independently promote a stronger, more progressive and more internationally active European Union. This is why our activities are focused on International Trade and External Relations. We believe in approaching international relations with open mindedness and inclusiveness to provide political analysis that is free from biases and ideology. Reliable and straight to the point, we believe it is our job to tell clients ‘what they don’t want to hear’ when necessary to help them anticipate hurdles in their public affairs activities.

Thanks to our expertise, we have often acted as unofficial intermediary between the EU and other International actors who need a go-between that knows how the EU Institutions work and the best way to approach them.

Our approach, network and understanding of the functioning of the European Parliament are unparalleled among Brussels companies and NGOs. At the same time, our strong Asia-related background has often made Polint’s expertise considered valuable to European and International actors, like the United Nations, involved in the decision-making process, giving Polint a name and reputation rather different from those of a typical lobbying company.