Our Services

our services

Polint can offer both ‘made to measure’ campaigns linked to shaping opinion in the European Parliament on a wide range of issues related to European Affairs, as well as goal-focused strategies directed primarily at Parliament and Commission - but capable of widening to include Member State and other International actors – on Global and International issues. Polint also has an extensive set of high-level political contacts across the East Asian and the Pacific region.

Our Services include:


Development and implementation of outreach programmes to help clients achieve their goals in either or both the European Union (EU) and East Asia. We recognise that successful outreach depends on the strategic development of lasting and content-rich relationships, and on effective engagement with the right interlocutors within the EU institutions, governments, political parties, and ministries.


Objective, client-specific intelligence, research and analysis on the regulatory and political landscape in which clients’ businesses operate.  Examples include detailed reporting on formal and informal decision-making processes within European Institutions, mapping of key decision-makers and influencers.  Polint’s ability to offer up-to-the-minute intelligence through a network of expert and well-placed contacts offers clients an ability to shape outcomes and gives them a competitive edge.


Providing regular and timely information and analysis on the target issues that to clients, including discussions and debates within the European Parliament and key policy-making bodies within Europe’s political groups, and the Commission, to ensure that they are on top of latest developments.


Rapid response to crises involving EU institutions.  Polint can help by providing accurate timely information and advice on rapidly developing situations, identifying the people and politics involved and provide insights into the thinking and actions of these key players.  We can ensure that the right messages reach the right people at the right time.


Helping clients prepare and deliver effective and persuasive arguments underpinned by sound statistics in support clients specific short- or medium-term legislative or regulatory objectives.  Polint can facilitate participation in study groups and consultative groups.


Expert briefings as required on the political state of play, policy developments, or other issues of interest in the European Union and where appropriate East Asia.