Our Activities

Our Activities

Polint provides cutting-edge political intelligence, strategic and legal advice and offers the expertise and experience needed to navigate the complex legislative process and political intricacies of the EU Institutions.

Whether it's advice about trade policy and trade relations, industrial and competition policy, digital or environmental issues, Polint can provide extensive political and policy analysis and offer advice on managing the EU institutions and whether and how to respond to breaking developments.

Polint also assesses global risks for your organisation, based on our work, contacts and experience in Europe, East Asia, and the US.


Our activities develop around the two mainstreams represented by EU Affairs and International Relations, with a particular focus on Asia Pacific. Thanks to our expertise, we from time to time serve as unofficial intermediary between the EU and other International actors who need help with managing relations with the Institutions.

Our activities have focused on Trade and Political Agreements between the EU and East Asian countries, but have extended on occasion to other fields. Examples of our work include:

  • The EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA)/Political Partnership Agreement (PCA)
  • The EU-Singapore FTA
  • The EU-Korean FTA and PCA and its implementation
  • EU-ASEAN Trade Relations
  • Mongolia Relations
  • EU-China Relations
  • EU diplomatic role in the Security Crisis on the Korean Peninsula
  • EU-Thailand Relations


Together with International Non-Governative Organisations and Companies we have built or contributed to run campaigns to promote and defend:

  • Animal Welfare in Europe: at the moment we are involved in the campaign promoted by the Humane Society International defending the European Ban on the Sales of Seal Products, approved by the European Parliament, and now challenged by the Canadian Government.
  • European Consumers Rights and their Standardisation across the Union: We were involved with ANEC in a campaign to ensure that the European consumer interests were protected in the creation and establishment of technical standards, especially those developed to support the implementation of European laws and public policies.
  • Fire Safety Legislation in Europe: We lead a campaign for the introduction of Europe-wide Legislation on Fire Safety, focusing on making the use of Fire Sprinklers systems compulsory in all newly built Hotels and Hostels that will save hundreds of lives, thousands of injuries and hundreds of millions of euros.