About Polint

What is Polint

Polint is a private company that differs from the classic concept of Lobbying/Consulting firm, being able to dialogue with Political and Diplomatic Institutions from a position of equality, continuing to pursue independently the path towards a stronger, more progressive and internationally present EU, especially for what concerns its role in the East Asian region. This is why our activities develop around the two main streams, represented by European Affairs and European International Relations.

Glyn Ford and Kim Dae-jung, 8th President of South Korea

Glyn Ford and Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

Glyn Ford and Hatoyama, Prime Minister of Japan

Polint’s founder and Executive Director, Glyn Ford, leads a strongly committed multi-national team with together over 40 years experience in the field. Glyn was a Member of the European Parliament (EP) from 1984 until 2009 and consequently has both an exceptional knowledge of the functioning of the EP and other European Institutions alongside an expertise in Trade and Foreign Affairs primarily focussed on East Asia.
The two main streams of our current work draw first on our export Knowledge of the functioning of the European Parliament and its component parts and second on a sustained engagement with the European and Asian Political Institutions generally over EU – East Asia relations.